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Welcome Home.

Since I moved in about a month and a half ago, Ive enjoyed having the apartment all to myself. My friend, the previously mentioned JessicaRabbit, now just Roomie has only begun to settle in within the past week or so. T and I have been taking advantage of the privacy while it lasted by fucking whenever we want, as loud as we want, and lots of walking around in our underwear. We both really like underwear lounging when we are at home.

Last night, Roomie was home, so T and I moved out of my living room and into my bedroom. Computer in hand, so we could blast some music to muffle the sound of my usually loud orgasms, I picked a random playlist and turned the volume up.

Smoking before sex usually puts me in a very cuddly mood where I want to be as close to my partner as possible and T knows this little fetish of mine and will throw his body weight on top of me and it just melts me. T took it one step further last night and began kissing me more aggressively than usual and forcing his hand up my denim miniskirt. He found the perfect rhythm and kept bringing me closer and closer to cumming on his fingers.

We decided that using condoms was a good idea for now. I know I get spoiled getting raw dick all the time and I wont want to use condoms in the future if we keep this up. T, my constantly adapting boyfriend, always has a way of taking a situation and turning it into a fetish for us. He bent down and began whispering in my ear.

How would you like to see me cum up close? After Im done fucking you, Im going to pull out and rest my dick on your face and cum right in front of your eyes so you can see it fill up the condom.

So good.

My bed is a fluffy mound of softness but unfortunately, is a bit squeaky. I turned the volume up again and the song One Night In Bangkok came blasting on. T and I could not help but crack up.

Im going to fuck you 80s style.

He started doing weird 80s style poses with a rock star expression on his face while I giggled uncontrollably under him. The air guitar may have made an appearance. The body is not made to laugh while there is a dick inside. Laughing during sex is usually something people try to avoid but it felt intimate to laugh about it, tucked away in my tiny room. Lesson learned though: Putting your iTunes on shuffle during sex is not recommended.

12:06 p.m. - 2010-05-21

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